Ditch the Dinnertime Scramble!

After a long workday, mentally exhausted, you dread the question, “What’s for dinner?” And with a busy night ahead of you, uber’ing your kids to and from sports fields, courts or rinks, you barely find time to sit down and eat dinner let alone time to prepare it!

I get it, dinner time is no joke! I wish a genie would pop out of my kitchen cabinets each night and magically get dinner on the table for me and my busy family. I was so tired of feeling overwhelmed and frazzled, and filling up on snacks instead of a proper meal, so I fixed it! 

As a nutrition expert and coach, I developed this mini-course where you’ll discover…

• The step by step process my clients and I use to plan meals, plus tons of meal prep hacks.

• How to let go of what you think you *should* be doing, including the accompanying guilt.

• Real life examples of how to put your plan into action. 

• My “go-to” meals bonus booklet. Meals you can prep in your sleep and customize to suit you and your family’s lifestyle and preferences. 

It's time to ditch the dinnertime drama, save time and energy, add more variety, eat healthier, AND save money. I can’t wait for you to try it!