I created this course for anyone that wants to simplify their life & ditch the drama at dinnertime!
-Tracey Smith


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Unresearched guess: there are moms who meal plan and moms who wing it. I have always been a mom who meal plans- and then doesn't stick to my plan! Too hard, unforseens, the meal didn't sound good when it came time OR I was too spent to lift a spatula...I thought I knew it all- yet my process wasn't working for me. So clearly I did not. The way I was going about it was not steeped in reality!! It was idealistic at best. Lots of produce thrown away and a sliver of shame about not following through on my plan. This was the missing link. In a nutshell: meal "sources", a specific time management strategy, and examining my thoughts around it all. This expands our options in a very approachable way. I'm "cured" - no dead produce in the garbage or last minute quitting on my plan!

-Sarah Brown

"Thank you Tracey Smith for an awesome workshop! I'm so excited to try out these new strategies and especially use some of your "go-to" meal tips!"

"Thank you for an awesome workshop!"

"Brilliant suggestions! Totally worth making time for this course!"

I'm Tracey Smith and I help Moms create time in their day to take better care of themselves {mind and body} so they can enjoy their lives more with less stress, less overwhelm and less worry.

In addition to being a Life Coach, I am also a nutrition expert (Registered Dietitian, PhD Scientist and Assistant Professor) and fitness expert (former Division 1 collegiate athlete, certified exercise physiologist and personal trainer). 

My passion, and purpose, is helping people and I bring all of my collective expertise and experiences into my coaching practice.

Like you, I have a lot going on!

Moving at warp speed in different directions, trying to fit it all in, making (or agonizing over) a million decisions each day, and not taking enough time to "smell the roses", left me feeling stressed, overwhelmed and guilty.

But, I learned how to create more time in my schedule for the things (and people) I love, live in alignment with my priorities, find freedom from the "busy", the perfectionism, the "all or nothing" thinking, the people pleasing and the other crippling thoughts that keep us spinning our wheels, not moving forward and that suck some of the joy out of our life. 

It doesn't have to be this way and I can prove it!

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